Once you have purchased track time with Track Day Winner you affirm that you are fully committed to attending the event and will not request nor expect any refund or credit whatsoever.  We offer no refunds nor do we offer credits (full or partial) in the event you cannot attend.

You are allowed to sell your spot to another person IN THE SAME RIDING GROUP AS YOU PURCHASED TRACK TIME FOR no later than (5) working days before the event.  Here is how that should happen:

  • You offer to sell your track time to someone who is qualified to ride in the same riding group that you purchased track time in
  • You make the deal with whoever wants to purchase your track time
  • You direct them to create a rider profile in MotorsportReg (
  • Send an email to letting me know who you sold your track time to.
  • Include their name and contact info so I can verify the transfer

I will send you and the person who purchased your track time a confirmation email letting you know that the transfer is completed and everything is done!


You and you alone are in control of your motorcycle both before you arrive and while you are out on the race track.  If you have properly inspected and prepped your bike prior to arrival then your bike will be ready to ride.  If you ride within your limits while on the racetrack you should stay vertical throughout the event, win the track day, and go home with your bike in one piece and a big smile on your face!  However, if you crash or have a mechanical issue at any time during the event we assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries or for any damage to or issues with your bike.  We do not offer refunds or credits for any lost or missed track time due to a mechanical failure or if you crash.   We do not offer any credits or refunds for lost track time due to other participants crashing or other participants having mechanical issues that require down time to respond to.  We ride rain or shine and offer no credits or refunds for any lost track time due to inclement weather!

General Requirements

Registration will be from 7am thru 8:10am each morning.  You must check in, get your riding credentials, and sign our waiver at registration.  

All tracks have you sign a waiver to enter their property but Track Day Winner also requires you to sign AN ADDITIONAL WAIVER at registration.  PLEASE BRING YOUR HELMET, YOUR BIKE, AND A PHOTO ID TO REGISTRATION & TECH. All riders will have already paid so we will run an express registration to get you registered, our waiver signed, your bike properly inspected, and get you back to your pit to be ready to attend the mandatory rider's meeting.  MANDATORY RIDERS MEETING EACH MORNING AT 8:15am - YOU MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING OR YOU CANNOT RIDE! 


You cannot ride in any other riding group than the group you registered for and have a sticker to ride with! We may bump you up or down depending on staff recommendation and riding group availability. 


You must be at least 15 years old to participate in any Track Day Winner event. Riders younger than 18 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian and that parent or guardian must be at the track.  

A leather full coverage one or leather two piece protective riding suit must be worn. No textile gear allowed on track. If you are using a two-piece suit, the top and bottom must zip together. The zipper does not have to be a 360 degree zipper; a zipper that joins the top and bottom is sufficient.


A full face helmet (Snell, DOT or equivalent approval) in good condition with no damage to it is required of all participants. If your helmet is more than five years old, it should be replaced. Helmets are stamped with a date of manufacture inside. If you cannot find a date of manufacture it may be because your helmet is very old!  If in doubt, replace it! 


Gauntlet style leather gloves are required.  

Sturdy, over the ankle leather motorcycle-specific boots must be worn. No hiking or recreational boots allowed.  

Here are some optional items that can make your day more comfortable: Change of clothes, hat, food, water, bananas/fruit, lawn chair, pop up canopy, fan, sunscreen, portable radio, cash, list of emergency contact numbers, photo ID, generator (if power is needed), tool kit, spare parts, showering items.